Babylon 5 - Mitä Kosh oikeasti sanoo?


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The War Prayer

Sinclair: Meanwhile it might be helpful if you spoke with the other ambassadors.
Kosh: Naah. Think i'll have another beer. Move away, you're blocking the tv!

Sinclair: What is it?
Kosh: It's my tv, you moron! Sheesh, how stupid can they be?


Talia: These phrases that you keep speaking in. They don't make any sense.
Kosh: So, you wanna know what it's about?
Talia: Yes.
Kosh: Then listen to rock, babee!

Sinclair: Why?
Kosh: Chill out dudes, hold on, ya ain't ready for shit this deep!


Kosh: The alava... Avalava... Dang! That mountain thingy has already started, and... Hrm, all things like that. Bye!

Signs And Portents

Kosh: Morden, you talking to me? You talking to *me*? Buzz off, this is my street!


Kosh: Morden, you talking to me? You talking to *me*? This station is too small for the two of us. Draw!


Kosh: Juice up my enc' thang.

Kosh: Oh, well, better get goin' now, gotta recharge my encounter suit. Seeya, fellahs!

Kosh: This suit is *killing* me! Oh, I need a holiday... How come I always get these frontier-missions? Hope Peg remembers to tape the Vorlose Place...