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These pages will not be updated anymore!

So don't mail me about it. Thank you.

[Apr 21st 2000] Okay, I know there's a new album, and I know it topped Finnish charts, again. I got it as soon as it was released. You've probably noticed the lack of updates. The reason is rather simple: after Gramex asked me to remove sound clips I really lost my interest in these pages. From the very beginning the whole point was to make new fans, to do some promotion for fun, for free, and the best way to do it is with some actual music.

I'm still doing my part in promoting some great not-so-well-known artists elsewhere, but seems like Stratovarius has had its share. My goal is always to raise the record sales by getting new fans, too bad Gramex didn't get the idea of free promotion. Or probably they're just too stuck in their ways and rules. It was fun while it lasted.

For all the latest Stratovarius info surf to the official website.

These pages last updated July 6th 1999

[Picture of Timo T.]

Timo Tolkki
[Picture of Timo K.]

Timo Kotipelto
[Picture of Jens]

Jens Johansson
[Picture of Jari]

Jari Kainulainen
[Picture of Jörg]

Jörg Michael

Waiting, watching my life
I'm wasting my time
I'm losing grip from life
Going back to my Dreamspace
Leaving it all behind
Soon the things will be alright
When I get there

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