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Stratovarius Sound Files [RealAudio 3.0]

Sound files off-line! [30.11.]

Finnish copyright society Gramex approached me with e-mail about these sound files. Didn't really surprise me, they're just too literal in protecting their own advantage. They don't care a bit about the actual effect of these sound files (free advertisement for the band, more fans, more people buying CDs), or the fact that I have received thanks about this page from both Timo Tolkki and Timo Kotipelto. Too bad these copyright people are after wrong kinds of people, the fans like me who just want more people to hear about the band and buy the CDs, instead of people who just spread the music in high quality, without even an intention of getting the CDs. Perhaps we're just so much easier targets.

Unless you can be of help, I do not want any e-mail about this. I'm digging into this, and hope I can get permissions to keep sound files here in some form. In case it would cost something, the sound files won't come back. And ad banners to fund this are totally out of question, because it's against my principles, and because Finnish University and Research Network (FUNET) is not for commercial use.

If you want complain to someone, please do it to Gramex, or Teosto, which is behind this completely mindless system in Finland. For example, if you buy CD-Rs to backup your hard disk, you'll pay to Teosto and Finnish artists for music, because you could save music to that disc, unless you can prove you're so called professional that uses discs to save data. So, you're guilty until you can prove otherwise.